The Roo CREW

500 Randomly generated Rare Roo’s hopping onto the
Solana blockchain

roo crew Story

The Roo Crew Gen 1 (Rare roo’s) With their accessibility-oriented design, the Roo’s goal is to Mob up, Invade the blockchain & Expand their community. The Roo’s feature owner-exclusive advantages such as community owned Blue Chips, a Community wallet usable by holders with a feature on-chain voting system & Breeding for various other utilities.

Road Map

Phase 1
  • Creation of 500 Rare Roo’s, Website & All socials for the “Sol Roo crew”
  • Build community organically on all platforms
  • Apply for Launch Pads, Rarity Sites & NFT Calendars
Phase 2
  • After we successfully sell out, The Roo Crew DAO will be created with assets such as… Community owned Wallet & Blue chips with decisions governed by the DAO
  • List on secondary market such as Magic Eden
Phase 3
  • Release our DAO / ALPHA
  • Creations of $ROO COIN
  • Staking your Rare Roo for $ROO 
  • Holder’s will be able to send their Rare Roo to the outback with the mob for a 2 week period for x2  $ROO
  • Start acquiring Various Blue chips to bring value to the DAO
Phase 4
  • Start the creation of our gen 2(Mama Roo’s) & gen 3 (Joeys)
  • Release 500 Mama Roos along side our custom built staking system for joeys
  • Continue to market & build our DAO to dominate the Solana blockchain & make the sol Roo Crew the next collections of “Blue Chips”
  • To breed your Roo’s for a Joey you will need 1 Rare Roo, 1 Mama Roo & $ROO 
  • Once started the breeding process your Mama & Joey will be locked in for 3 weeks in the nursery
  • 0.5 weeks will be deducted dependent on how many Rare Roo’s you have in the outback
  • To form a Roo Mob you must have 1 Rare Roo, 1 Mama Roo and 1 Joey, Mobs will have very exclusive utility
mob utilities
  • Mutants, Legendarys, Animated 1 of 1s, Exclusive Auctions, WL/Collabs, Merch & More!!!
  • 0.5% Royalties from all ROO Crew Collections will go to Mob Holders
  • 2.5% to the NFT creators(King Roo’s)
  • 0.5% to the holders of Mobs of Roo’s
  • 2% to Community wallet to help build the DAO & purchase “blue chips”

Show case







February, 26th at 5pm UTC!

Our goal is to create a strong community. Public mints bring many bots, more paper hands, etc. Some projects and their communities are getting ruined by those guys. This is not what we’re looking for, we’re evolving as Solana is evolving too.

We’re teaming with some of the biggest Blue chip DAOs (Boryoku Dragonz, Mind Folk , Taiyo Robotics, The Lion Cats, Fuji Lions etc) to give them some whitelist spots. Feel free to talk about our project to your favorite DAOs or reach out to a team member and tell us why your DAO will benefit our Community! Until mint date our discord will stay on an invite only basis to keep our core community strong! But these are only a minority of the total whitelist spots. Our best supporters will of course be rewarded with some spots, so make sure you follow us on twitter and stay active in discord!

Unfortunately no, FOMO is important. We will setup a limit per wallet (2 or 3) and whitelist spots will be around 750

The Roo Crew is a community-art oriented project with long term plans. We suggest not to mint if you’re waiting for any P2E, merch etc. Many projects are making phony promises and using words like ‘metaverse’ to help their sales, we are not like that. We believe that one the best way to make our project grow will be the communication/marketing and transparency. Nowadays, only strong communities bring their NFT projects to the top